Eunsang Yoon

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In a dynamic, competitive environment, the decision to enter the market should be timed to bahce the risks of premature entry against the missed opwrtunity of Late entry. Previous research has mainly focused on the strategic aspects of the enw-time decision. In this p a w we review . ~ ~. the literature and develop a set of propositions about the timing of(More)
Abshaer-In this paper we reexamine and generalize research finding on the determinants af industrial innovnlion performanee using a fhreedimendoad framework. Those dimeadons *re: generality over inaovaLions, decision foeus, and managerial controltabiiy. The major determinants identified am: n) sfrateeie and ornaoizstioaal hctors includine general(More)
There's no need to state again the complexity ofthe problem of achieving high pe$ormance in the new product process. What we do need is a framework to help sort out the complexity, and that is what Eunsang Yoon and Gary Lilien provide in this article. They first dzferentiate between original and reformulated new products. Then they examine how patterns of(More)
Customer satisfaction and supplier loyalty in markets where products are mainly undifferentiated are heavily affected by assurance of supply. Marketers manage production capacity in such markets to assure supply, but the resulting capacity competition leads to cycles of over-capacity followed hy capacity deletions, which lead to under-capacity. We(More)
Recent trends in industrial distribution suggest that distributors may perform an important role in various stages of product innovation from idea generation, through product design, to product launch and subsequent marketing. In this article, Eunsang Yoon and Gary Lilien review the literature and discuss the potential role of the industrial distributor as(More)
Performance This research presents an exploratory study of interface dynamics and its impact on a firm’s performance. A survey of sixteen industrial manufacturing firms reveals that the interface efficiency has recently improved significantly in ear/y phases, moderately in late phases, and slightly in middle phases of the innovation process. Factor analysis(More)
R6D d e c i s i o n s and t h e dynaaioa o f diffusiotk f o r new produc t innovation have been s t u d i e d s e p a r a t e l y by economists and s a r k e t e r s . T h i s paper develops a new produc t launch-time d e c i s i o n model t h a t i n t e g r a t e s t h a t research . The b e s t tiae t o launch t h e new produot balances t h e r i s k s o(More)
Researchers and practitioners of international market entry typically have a difficult task obtaining and processing requisite information to evaluate potential opportunities and risks. Essential analysis is often confounded by inappropriate measures of input requirements, inadequately defined information categories, and the overall complex nature of the(More)
Trade Shows: How Managers Pick Their Winners Trade show literature and folklore is ripe with descriptions of why managers should choose to place their exhibit in a particular show, but no hard evidence exists as to what importance these decision factors have in the actual decision. This research addresses the question of what key factors determine whether(More)