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Estimation of NPS pollutant properties based on SWMM modeling according to land use change in urban area
ABSTRACT The amount of non-point pollutants discharged into rivers is greater in urban regions than forests and farmlands due to a higher population density and a larger impermeable area. TheExpand
Comparison of GCM Precipitation Predictions with Their RMSEs and Pattern Correlation Coefficients
This study evaluated 20 general circulation models (GCMs) of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project, Phase 5 (CMIP5), which provide the prediction results for the period of 2006 to 2014, theExpand
Effect of Multicollinearity on the Bivariate Frequency Analysis of Annual Maximum Rainfall Events
A rainfall event, simplified by a rectangular pulse, is defined by three components: the rainfall duration, the total rainfall depth, and mean rainfall intensity. However, as the mean rainfallExpand
Evaluation of Rain Garden for Infiltration Capability and Runoff Reduction Efficiency
(Received: 20 December 2014, Revised: 22 December 2014, Accepte d: 23 February 2015)요 약본 연구에서는 함안군 군북면 소포리 일원에 있는 00부대 이전사업지구에 설치된 레인가든의 특성을 실험을 통해 확인하고, 레인가든의 침투 및 유출을 모의할 수 있는 1차원 모형을 제안하였다. 구축된Expand
Change of Rainfall–runoff Processes in Urban Areas Due to High-Rise Buildings
Abstract This study proposes a method to consider the high-rise building in the rainfall–runoff analysis of an urban basin. This study uses a rainfall–runoff model based on the shot noise process toExpand
Performance Evaluation of CMIP5 GCMs using CSEOF Analysis
IPCC developed four climate change scenarios, called the RCP scenarios, to enhance the quality of future climate projection. Also, IPCC conducted CMIP5 to evaluate various GCM simulations under RCPExpand
Theoretical evaluation of concentration time and storage coefficient with their application to major dam basins in Korea
This study theoretically evaluated the basin concentration time and storage coefficient with their empirical formulas available worldwide. The evaluation results were also validated in theExpand