Eunjung Kwon

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S-nitrosylation, the covalent attachment of a nitric oxide moiety to a cysteine thiol, is now established as a key post-translational modification in animals. This process has been shown to regulate the function of a wide variety of regulatory, structural, and metabolic proteins. The emerging evidence now suggests that S-nitrosylation may also have a(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) has been proposed to regulate a diverse array of activities during plant growth, development and immune function. S-nitrosylation, the addition of an NO moiety to a reactive cysteine thiol, to form an S-nitrosothiol (SNO), is emerging as a prototypic redox-based post-translational modification. An ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA S-NITROSOGLUTATHIONE(More)
BACKGROUND During nasotracheal intubation it is important to have proper pretreatment for nasal mucosa constriction and nasal cavity expanding. Nasal packing of epinephrine gauze is widely used as well as xylometazoline. The aim of this study was to compare and evaluate the efficacy of prophylactic intranasal spray of xylometazoline against epinephrine(More)
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