Eunjung Kwon

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Today more and more companies rely on thin client computer infrastructure to save costs and simplify the system and software administration process. However, in many cases being able to move the computational power to the server is not easy. Because users often need to use their mass storage devices, picture device, printers, scanners and other USB(More)
The benefits of transcoding make it possible an incompatible or obsolete contents to be run at any device in a modern format. Nowadays, it is a common way to transcode contents to another format, different bitrates or qualities. As there are some limitations on the source computer which is like thin client with very low H/W specification, it is preferably(More)
In this paper, an implementation of remote waking-up Personal Computers (PCs) through UDP and Wake On LAN (WOL) is presented. With the implementation, PCs can be sus pende d w hile it is in idle time. Also, PCs can be waked up interactively from remote site when users want to perform required tasks. There is a few barriers to wake a PC up from remote site(More)
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