Eunjung Kang

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Modern desktop PCs are capable of taking 2D Geographic Information System (GIS) applications into the realm of interactive 3D virtual worlds. In prior work we developed and presented graphics algorithms and data management methods for interactive viewing of a 3D global terrain system for desktop and virtual reality systems. In this paper we present a key(More)
Acquired hemophilia A is a very rare but life-threatening disorder caused by autoantibody against coagulation factor VIII. The incidence was much rarer in young people. In this case report, a young woman presented with spontaneous muscle hematoma. Because of pain and limited range of motion, she underwent surgery for resolution at first. However, her(More)
To My Father iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost, I must express my utmost gratitude to my academic advisor, Dr. Calton Pu, who throughput my Ph.D. program has enlightened and inspired me with his wise counsel and encouragement. Through his guidance, I have learned how to develop my ideas and mature as a researcher. I am truly grateful for his support(More)
Mushroom-related poisoning can cause acute kidney injury. Here we report a case of acute kidney injury after ingestion of Amanita punctata, which is considered an edible mushroom. Gastrointestinal symptoms occurred within 24 hours from the mushroom intake and were followed by an asymptomatic period, acute kidney injury, and elevation of liver and pancreatic(More)
Core/shell-structured quantum dots (QDs) are considered as important active materials for optoelectronic devices. There have been a lot of synthesis procedures developed so far. Real epitaxial growth of shell layer, however, has not been reported yet. Here, a simple method for the synthesis of CdSe/CdS core/shell QDs is presented. Epitaxial growth of CdS(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS It has been shown that circulating tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) is elevated in end stage renal disease patients; however, the relationship between TNF-α and the development of infection in these patients is unknown. In this study, we investigated the association of plasma TNF-α and interleukin 6 (IL-6) with infection in peritoneal(More)
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