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About 300 carcinogens and non-carcinogens of a wide variety of chemical types have been tested for mutagenicity in the simple Salmonella/microsome test. The test uses bacteria as sensitive indicators for DNA damage, and mammalian liver extracts for metabolic conversion of carcinogens to their active mutagenic forms. Quantitative mutagenicity data from(More)
Seventeen cancer chemotherapeutic agents were tested for their ability to mutate Salmonella typhimurium tester strains in the Salmonella/microsome mutagenicity test. There was a high correlation between the mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of a given agent. Carcinogens positive in the test were Adriamycin, daunomycin,(More)
This study is aimed at understanding deformation-based user gestures by observing users interacting with artificial deformable displays with various levels of flexibility. We gained user-defined gestures that would help with the design and implementation of deformation-based interface, without considering current technical limitations. We found that when a(More)
Genetic and epigenetic alterations play prominent roles in hepatocarcinogenesis and their appearance varies depending on etiological factors, race and tumor progression. Intriguingly, distinct patterns of these genetic and epigenetic mutations are coupled not only to affect each other, but to trigger different types of tumorigenesis. The patterns and(More)
Flue gases mainly consist of CO2 that can be utilized to facilitate microalgal culture for bioenergy production. In the present study, to evaluate the feasibility of the utilization of flue gas from a coal-burning power plant, an indigenous and high-CO2-tolerant oleaginous microalga, Chlorella sp. KR-1, was cultivated under mixotrophic conditions, and the(More)
BACKGROUND The possibility of developing breast cancer is a concern for all women; however, few studies have examined the relationship between cancer worry and the stages of adoption for breast cancer screening in Korea. Here, we investigated the associations between cancer worry, the stages of adopting breast cancer screening, and socio-demographic factors(More)
The incidence of thyroid cancer in Korea has increased by about 25 % every year for the past 10 years. This increase is largely due to a rising incidence in papillary thyroid cancer, which is associated with an overdiagnosis of small tumors that may never become clinically significant. This study was conducted to explore Korean women’s understanding of(More)
PURPOSE The National Cancer Screening Program (NCSP) in Korea supports cancer screening for stomach, liver, colorectal, breast, and cervical cancer. This study was conducted to assess trends in participation rates among Korean men and women invited to undergo screening via the NCSP as part of an effort to guide future implementation of the program in Korea.(More)
A case is presented illustrating some of the difficulties presently encountered by Medical Examiners and law enforcement agencies in obtaining information necessary for the identification of foreign-born homicide victims. In 1982, the semiskeletonized remains of a 30 year old female citizen of the People's Republic of China were discovered in a vacant lot(More)
Necrosis is a hallmark of glioblastoma (GBM) and is responsible for poor prognosis and resistance to conventional therapies. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying necrotic microenvironment-induced malignancy of GBM have not been elucidated. Here, we report that transglutaminase 2 (TGM2) is upregulated in the perinecrotic region of GBM and triggered(More)