Eunjeong Ryu

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We provide a mini-review of how biobanks can support clinical genetics in the era of personalized medicine. We discuss types of biobanks, including disease specific and general biobanks not focused on one disease. We present considerations in setting up a biobank, including consenting and governance, biospecimens, risk factor and related data, informatics,(More)
Students often use available help facilities in an unproductive fashion. To improve students' help-seeking behavior we built the Help Tutor – a domain-independent agent that can be added as an adjunct to Cognitive Tutors. Rather than making help-seeking decisions for the students, the Help Tutor teaches better help-seeking skills by tracing students actions(More)
Given the important role that meta-cognitive processes play in learning, intelligent tutoring systems should not only provide domain-specific assistance, but should also aim to help students in acquiring meta-cognitive skills. As a step toward this goal, we have constructed a Help Tutor, aimed at improving students' help-seeking skill. The Help Tutor is(More)
The Self-Assessment Tutor (SAT) is an add-on component to Cogni-tive Tutors that supports self-assessment in four steps: prediction, attempt, reflection , and projection. The SAT encourages students to self-assess their ability spontaneously while problem solving, and to use help resources accordingly. For that reason its episodes precede the students' work(More)
Experimental transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus from swine to baby chicks was accomplished using Culex tritaeniorhynchus and Culex fuscocephalus, two of three mosquito species in Taiwan from which the virus has been recovered in nature. Whereas neither species had become infective by the twelfth day, one of ten C. fuscocephalus and 11 of 51 C.(More)
Patients with bipolar disorder (BD) have a high prevalence of comorbid medical illness. However, the mechanisms underlying these comorbidities with BD are not well known. Certain genetic variants may have pleiotropic effects, increasing the risk of BD and other medical illnesses simultaneously. In this study, we evaluated the association of(More)
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