Eunjeong Ryu

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Students often use available help facilities in an unproductive fashion. To improve students' help-seeking behavior we built the Help Tutor – a domain-independent agent that can be added as an adjunct to Cognitive Tutors. Rather than making help-seeking decisions for the students, the Help Tutor teaches better help-seeking skills by tracing students actions(More)
Given the important role that meta-cognitive processes play in learning, intelligent tutoring systems should not only provide domain-specific assistance, but should also aim to help students in acquiring meta-cognitive skills. As a step toward this goal, we have constructed a Help Tutor, aimed at improving students' help-seeking skill. The Help Tutor is(More)
The Self-Assessment Tutor (SAT) is an add-on component to Cogni-tive Tutors that supports self-assessment in four steps: prediction, attempt, reflection , and projection. The SAT encourages students to self-assess their ability spontaneously while problem solving, and to use help resources accordingly. For that reason its episodes precede the students' work(More)
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