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Aberrations of Notch signaling have been implicated in a variety of human cancers. Oncogenic mutations in NOTCH1 are common in human T-cell leukemia and lymphomas. However, loss-of-function somatic mutations in NOTCH1 arising in solid tumors imply a tumor suppressor function, which highlights the need to understand Notch signaling more completely. Here, we(More)
The inefficient clearance of dying cells can lead to abnormal immune responses, such as unresolved inflammation and autoimmune conditions. We show that tumor suppressor p53 controls signaling-mediated phagocytosis of apoptotic cells through its target, Death Domain1α (DD1α), which suggests that p53 promotes both the proapoptotic pathway and postapoptotic(More)
dREAM complexes represent the predominant form of E2F/RBF repressor complexes in Drosophila. dREAM associates with thousands of sites in the fly genome but its mechanism of action is unknown. To understand the genomic context in which dREAM acts we examined the distribution and localization of Drosophila E2F and dREAM proteins. Here we report a striking and(More)
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