Eunika Mercier-Laurent

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In a very uncertain and competitive economy, companies have to cope with external constraints such as environmental and social issues, to gain competitive advantage. Over the last thirty years, numerous initiatives have appeared to deal with socio-environmental issues. However, contexts are complex and dynamics. Many authors therefore point out the need to(More)
Knowledge Management methods, techniques and experience can bring a considerable help in preventing all kind of risks. The current economic context amplified the existing risks and introduced new ones such as environmental, political and social. Among the most critical risks of this century is this of lost of knowledge and “memory” in(More)
Sustainable development is among the greatest challenges of this century. Sustainability and development are apparently opposite. The traditional approaches try to manage the planet protection without taking the best from technology while eco-innovation focus mainly on smart transportation, smart use of energy and water and waste recycling. Many new(More)
The Strategic Knowledge Management considers Intellectual Capital as roots of all organizations activities. The success of organizations strongly depends on the way they manage all facets of knowledge and skills. Artificial Intelligence brought some methods and techniques for handling intellectual assets of companies, expertise management, knowledge(More)
SMEs are encouraged to collaborate for research and innovation in order to survive in tough global competition. Even the technology SMEs with high knowledge capital have the fear to collaborate with other SMEs or bigger companies. This study aims to illuminate the preferences in customer, supplier and competitor collaboration within industry or inter(More)