Eunika Mercier-Laurent

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Knowledge Management methods, techniques and experience can bring a considerable help in preventing all kind of risks. The current economic context amplified the existing risks and introduced new ones such as environmental, political and social. Among the most critical risks of this century is this of lost of knowledge and “memory” in(More)
Increasing complexity in the business world causes changes in the concept of value creation, measures for success and sustainability. More attention is given to the critical human resources for reducing the risks of managerial decisions. The right knowledge worker in the right place is not anymore just accumulating, sharing and using the knowledge. As the(More)
This document presents our work on a definition and experimentation of a voice interface for cultural heritage inventory. This hybrid system includes signal processing, natural language techniques and knowledge modeling for future retrieval. We discuss the first results and give some points on future work.
This chapter begins by a short history of AI in France since the early 1970s. It gives some examples of industrial applications developed since the 1980s. It also introduces AFIA, the French Association for AI, and describes some activities such as the main conferences and publications. The main French AI research domains and actors such as public and(More)