Eunika Mercier-Laurent

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In a very uncertain and competitive economy, companies have to cope with external constraints such as environmental and social issues, to gain competitive advantage. Over the last thirty years, numerous initiatives have appeared to deal with socio-environmental issues. However, contexts are complex and dynamics. Many authors therefore point out the need to(More)
knowledge capital have the fear to collaborate with other SMEs or bigger companies. This study aims to illuminate the preferences in customer, supplier and competitor collaboration within industry or inter industry. A survey is run on more than 110 companies and Machine Learning methods are used to define the association rules that will lead for success.
complexity in the business world causes changes in the concept of value creation, measures for success and sustainability. More attention is given to the critical human resources for reducing the risks of managerial decisions. The right knowledge worker in the right place is not anymore just accumulating, sharing and using the knowledge. As the technology(More)