Eunice Chee

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A microring-based silicon modulator operating at 40 Gb/s near 1310 nm is demonstrated for the first time to our knowledge. NRZ-OOK signals at 40 Gb/s with 6.2 dB extinction ratio are observed by applying a 4.8 Vpp driving voltage and biasing the modulator at 7 dB insertion loss point. The energy efficiency is 115 fJ/bit. The transmission performance of 40(More)
Lorentz reciprocity is a direct consequence of Maxwell equations governing the propagation of light in passive linear media with symmetric permittivity and permeability tensors. Here, we demonstrate the first active optical isolator and circulator implemented in a linear and reciprocal material platform using commercial Mach-Zehnder modulators. In a(More)
BACKGROUND With advances in computer technologies, Web-based interventions are widely accepted and welcomed by health care providers and researchers. Although the benefits of Web-based interventions on physical activity promotion have been documented, the programs have rarely targeted Asian Americans, including Asian American midlife women. Subsequently,(More)
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