Eunhui Park

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In this paper, we introduce a simple, randomized dynamic data structure for storing multidimensional point sets, called a <i>quadtreap</i>. This data structure is a randomized, balanced variant of a quadtree data structure. In particular, it defines a hierarchical decomposition of space into cells, which are based on hyperrectangles of bounded aspect ratio,(More)
The problem of maintaining geometric structures for points in motion has been well studied over the years. Much theoretical work to date has been based on the assumption that point motion is continuous and predictable, but in practice, motion is typically presented incrementally in discrete time steps and may not be predictable. We consider the problem of(More)
Range searching is a widely-used method in computational geometry for efficiently accessing local regions of a large data set. Typically, range searching involves either counting or reporting the points lying within a given query region, but it is often desirable to compute statistics that better describe the structure of the point set lying within the(More)
As modern computing becomes increasingly data-intensive and distributed, it is becoming crucial to effectively manage and exploit end-to-end network bandwidth information from hosts on wide-area networks. Inspired by the finding that Internet bandwidth can be represented approximately in a tree metric space, we focus on three specific research problems.(More)
Modern desktop machines now use multi-core CPUs to enable improved performance. However, achieving high performance on multi-core machines without optimized software support is still difficult even in a single machine, because contention for shared resources can make it hard to exploit multiple computing resources efficiently. Moreover, more diverse and(More)
Many component-based systems are deployed in diverse environments, each with different components and with different component versions. To ensure the system builds correctly for all deployable combinations (or, configurations), developers often perform compatibility testing by building their systems on various configurations. However, due to the large(More)
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