Eunhee Jeong

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A surface light field is a function that gives the colors of each object point viewed from different directions. Object representation with a surface light field provides a nice structure for 3D photography. This paper presents a feature-based morphing technique for two objects equipped with surface light fields. The technique consists of geometry morphing(More)
The VCM (Vessel Communication Manager) proposed in this paper consists of ARP (Azimuth based Routing Protocol) and NATF (Network Attack Traceback Facility). The ARP can transmit accident information from a source to a headquarter rapidly and accurately by using Azimuths. It designs the Ac-RREQ message that appends an azimuth, a cumulation S/N, and a standby(More)
This paper proposes a Disease Inference Scheme based on Fuzzy Logic for Patient's-customized Healthcare. It consists of the Fuzzy-based Disease Rules Module (FDRM) and the Fuzzy-based Disease Inference Model (FDIM). The Fuzzy-based Disease Rules Module (FDRM) computes the conditional support between attributes and generates the Fuzzy Rules considering the(More)
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