Eung-Joo Lee

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The current paper proposes a digital watermarking technique for CAD vertex-based architectural drawings using lines, arcs, and circles to prevent unlawful reproduction and distribution. After extracting lines, arcs, and circles from the drawing, the watermarks are embedded using an adaptive algorithm related to the length of the line, angle of the arc, and(More)
In this paper, we will present a novel face recognition algorithm using 3D geometric information of the face, which is acquired using parallel stereo vision. Firstly, we present an effective method of detecting facial feature, which mainly depends on the facial skin color information in the YC b C r color space. We define the feature points for the facial(More)
A crypto-marking technique can be used to provide a solution to the secure transmission and storage of highly valuable and detailed vector maps. Such a solution would fulfill the requirements for integrity verification, content security, copyright protection, and authentication. However, existing methods cannot ensure the perceptual invisibility of the(More)