Eunan P Tiernan

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The authors wished to obtain a 'snapshot' of the range of practice in the management of split skin graft donor sites in the British Isles. Material/Methods Questionnaires were sent to all British consultants and locum consultant plastic surgeons on July 1, 2006. Of the 357 questionnaires, 279 were returned (a response rate of 78%). Results Alginates were(More)
Intraarticular phalangeal fractures are difficult to treat. The advantages of using dynamic external fixation devices include distraction of impacted fracture fragments and reduction in joint stiffness by allowing early joint mobilization. Previous reports have concentrated on pilon fractures and dorsal fracture dislocations affecting the proximal(More)
Skin stapling devices are a quick, effective method for securing skin grafts in burns patients. Removal of staples can be painful, often requiring a general anaesthetic. This problem has led to the recent development of absorbable staples which extrude with time. A prospective controlled clinical trial was performed on 20 burns patients comparing absorbable(More)
An unusual case of bilateral ureteric obstruction and hydronephrosis due to pancreatic pseudocyst formation, after an episode of acute pancreatitis is reported. All abnormalities resolved with conservative management. Possible reasons for such ureteric obstruction include periureteric fat necrosis by pancreatic enzymes and compression by the inflammatory(More)
Many patients undergoing bilateral breast reduction surgery develop problems. Foremost among these problems is scar hypertrophy and its attendant symptoms. Although there is as yet no firm prognostic indicator for hypertrophy, scars that become hypertrophic often have a particular blood vessel pattern, observable by transcutaneous microscopy, showing(More)
This study was designed to compare the effectiveness of two approaches to urinary catheter management in controlling postoperative urinary dysfunction in 110 patients following abdominoperineal resection or low anterior bowel resection. Patients, stratified by sex and surgical procedure, were randomly assigned to either straight gravity drainage or a 6-day(More)