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Mobile cloud computing is a combination of mobile computing and cloud computing, and provides cloud computing environment through various mobile devices. Recently, due to rapid expansion of smart phone market and wireless communication environment, mobile devices are considered as resource for large scale distributed processing. But mobile devices have(More)
In Mobile WiMAX system, it is important to allocate resources appropriately in order to the efficient utilization of resources among a variety of real-time and non real-time services. Although a lot of the real-time and non real-time packet scheduling schemes in OFDMA system have been proposed, it need to be modified to apply to Mobile WiMAX system. Since(More)
The purpose of this study is primarily to clarify the concept for ubiquitous transportation systems (UTS) based on ubiquitous computing. Additionally, the key conceptual terminologies related to the ubiquitous computing are reinterpreted for the transportation domain. The 8 key properties are proposed as the necessary and sufficient conditions for the(More)
Due to increasing use of the Internet, there is a trend of increasing attacks over networks. Therefore, we have need of study for network anomaly detection and measurement scheme to network state. In this research, we propose a scheme for anomaly detection based on the traffic behavior of Hidden Markov Models. The proposed scheme detects anomalies in(More)
Recently mobile devices become considered as grid resources as the technology of mobile devices and wireless communication network improves. But mobile devices have several problems such as instability of wireless communication, intermittent connection, limitation of power supply, and low communication bandwidth. These problems make it difficult to use(More)