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In this paper, we propose an efficient segmentation method that exploits local information for automated cell segmentation. This method introduces a new criterion function based on statistical structure of the objects in cell image. Each pixel is initially assigned to the most probable region and then the pixel assignment process is iteratively updated by a(More)
In this paper, joint conditional probability is localized to better capture the local properties of a neighborhood for image segmentation. A new local spatial likelihood is defined for a neighborhood, which gives rise to local spatial posterior associated with the defined local prior. The proposed method associates a novel nonparametric approach for(More)
A new hierarchical method is proposed to analyze timeseries DNA microarray data to identify dynamic genetic pathways. Initially the hierarchical method applies a specialized clustering technique to incorporate the available heuristic information about biological system. Then, the prototypes of the resulting clusters are used as time-variables to develop an(More)
In this paper, a new feature transformation method is introduced to decrease misclassification rate. Linear classifiers in general are not able to classify feature vectors which lie in a high dimensional feature space. When the feature vectors from difference classes have underlying distributions which are severely overlapped, it is even more difficult to(More)
The estimates of the posterior probabilities of the attributes in the image are widely used as criteria for image segmentation. The methods using this measure, however, suffer from intrinsic errors that occur around the boundary between regions. The errors are caused by estimating the posterior probabilities over the entire image. To resolve this problem,(More)
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  • 2004
From the statistical point of view, segmentation methods are dependent upon how the characteristics in image are formulated and where they are extracted from. In this paper, the joint conditional probability is exploited to characterize the statistical properties and is also localized to better capture the local properties of the neighborhood. Two different(More)
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