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UML is the de-facto industry standard to design object-oriented software. UML provides a set of diagrams to model every aspect of an object-oriented application design in sufficient detail, but lacks any mechanism to rigorously check consistency between the models. Today, most of the effort is applied on creating accurate and consistent UML models rather(More)
Beacon safety message dissemination in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANETs) suffers from poor reliability especially in congested road traffics. The main origin of this problem is CSMA nature of Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) in MAC layer. In this paper, a scheduling algorithm in the application layer is proposed to alleviate the problem. We(More)
A research on current condition and problems of critical infrastructures and critical information infrastructures is described in this paper. This article includes issues, the discussion of problems and comments about each of the common Critical Infrastructures from an international, national, local and individual perspective. There are many threats to(More)
Structured analysis and design methodology has now been replaced by object oriented analysis and design software development techniques. A major design artifact in structured approach is the data flow diagram (DFD). DFD is very important for the modernization of old legacy systems. It is also very useful in requirement elicitation. However, DFD lacks(More)
Secure broadcasting is an essential feature for critical operations in wireless sensor network (WSNs). However, due to the limited resources of sensor networks, verifying the authenticity for broadcasted messages is a very difficult issue. μTESLA is a broadcast authentication protocol, which uses network-wide loose time synchronization with one-way hashed(More)
Threats to information security are spreading, from both outside and within an organization. Computer security has evolved so as the methods of identification, detection, and prevention of malware, only to be followed by a new set of threats that circumvent those safeguards. Internet and wide availability of toolsets and documentation exacerbates this(More)
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