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We study the generation and evolution of density perturbations and peculiar velocities due to primordial magnetic fields. We assume that a random magnetic field was present before recombination and follow the field's effect on the baryon fluid starting at recombination. We find that magnetic fields generate growing density perturbations on length scales(More)
The probability distribution function (PDF) tails of the zonal flow structure formation and the PDF tails of momentum flux by incorporating effect of a shear flow in ion-temperature-gradient (ITG) turbulence are computed in the present paper. The bipolar vortex soli-ton (modon) is assumed to be the coherent structure responsible for bursty and intermittent(More)
Homeostasis is known to be absolutely critical to the sustainability of living organisms. At the heart of homeostasis are various feedback loops, which can control and regulate a system to stay in a most favourable stable state upon the influence of various disturbance. While variability has emerged as a key factor in sustainability, too much variability(More)
The probability density function (PDF) of flux R is computed in systems with logarithmic non-linearity using a model non-linear dynam-ical equation. The PDF tails of the first moment flux are analytically predicted to be power law. These PDF tails are shown to be broader than a Gaussian distribution and are a manifestation of intermittency caused by short(More)
We study magnetic Taylor-Couette flow in a system having nondimen-sional radii r i = 1 and r o = 2, and periodic in the axial direction with wavelengths h ≥ 100. The rotation ratio of the inner and outer cylinders is adjusted to be slightly in the Rayleigh-stable regime, where magnetic fields are required to destabilize the flow, in this case triggering the(More)
Information theory provides a useful tool to understand the evolution of complex nonlinear systems and their sustainability. In particular, Fisher information has been evoked as a useful measure of sustainability and the variability of dynamical systems including self-organising systems. By utilising Fisher information, we investigate the sustainability of(More)
We report time-dependent probability density functions (PDFs) for a nonlinear stochastic process with a cubic force using analytical and computational studies. Analytically, a transition probability is formulated by using a path integral and is computed by the saddle-point solution (instanton method) and a new nonlinear transformation of time. The predicted(More)