Eun-Su Kim

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In this paper, we studied the multi-hop broadcast algorithms for delivery of safety message in inter vehicle communication environment. In MANET environment, there are three multi-hop broadcasting schemes such as probability based methods, area based methods and topology based methods. We simulate MANET based multi-hop broadcasting schemes and evaluate the(More)
In this paper, we propose the chromatic adaptation model (CAM) for the Variations of the Luminance Levels in the same Chromaticity Viewing Conditions. The proposed model is obtained by the transform the test colors of the high luminance into the corresponding colors of the low luminance. In the proposed model, the optimal coefficients are obtained from the(More)
The RGB signals generated by different cameras are not equal for the same scene. Therefore, cameras are characterized based on a CIE standard colorimetric observer. One method of deriving a colorimetric characterization matrix between camera RGB output signals and CIE XYZ tristimulus values is least squares polynomial modeling. Yet, this involves tedious(More)
The gamma correction for the CMOS image sensors are implemented by the method of piecewise linear approximation through a look-up table. In this paper, we propose a quantitative criterion to select the piece linear segment with the same output interval for the reduction of the error between the value of piece linear approximation and gamma correction. After(More)
The pulsed backlight system has been introduced for reducing motion blurs of LCDs in high motion pictures. But applying the pulsed backlight, full screen flicker and inconsistency of transmissivity for entire frame at a lightening time should be considered. This paper discusses the analysis of blurs in high motion pictures and proposes the design method for(More)