Eun Sok Kim

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This paper presents a droplet-ejection-based technique for synthesizing deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequences on different substrates, such as glass, plastic, or silicon. Any DNA sequence can be synthesized by ejecting droplets of DNA bases by a self-focusing acoustic transducer (SFAT) that does not require any nozzles. An SFAT can eject liquid droplets(More)
This paper describes a polymer-based cardiovascular shear stress sensor built on catheter for atherosis diagnosis. This flexible sensor detects small temperature perturbation as fluid past the sensing elements leading to changes in the resistance, from which shear stress is inferred. MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS) surface manufacture technology is(More)
In educational settings, researchers are likely to encounter multilevel data with cross-classified structure. However, due to the lack of familiarity and limitations of statistical software for cross-classified modeling, most researchers adopt less optimal approaches to analyze cross-classified multilevel data in testing measurement invariance. We conducted(More)
This paper describes the synthesis of a 9-mers-long peptide ladder structure of glycine on a modified glass surface using a nanoliter droplet ejector. To synthesize peptide on a glass substrate, SPOT peptide synthesis protocol was followed with a nozzleless acoustic droplet ejector being used to eject about 300 droplets of preactivated amino acid solution(More)
This paper describes a low-cost silicon vibratory gyroscope that tolerates a relatively large mismatch between the driving-mode and sensing-mode frequencies. The gyroscope is based on beam-mass structure and realized by one silicon proof mass and two beams for the driving and sensing mode. Piezoelectric actuation is used to produce a large driving mode(More)
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