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BACKGROUND Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPU) are common among inpatients and create substantial morbidity, mortality, and costs, but prevention strategies have been only variably effective. OBJECTIVES To develop and assess the impact of a decision support intervention to predict HAPU on the prevalence of ulcers and length of stay in an intensive(More)
This study analyzed the usage of nursing statements and the frequencies of mapped nursing statements using the ICNP in electronic nursing records. A total of 9,200 statements were analyzed, comprising 5,135 related to nursing assessments, 215 related to nursing diagnoses, and 3,850 related to nursing interventions. Nurses used 3,744 (72.9%) of the(More)
BACKGROUND Nursing handoffs are communicative routines in most nursing units. The handoff is critical to the continuity and safety of patient care. Negative perceptions of handoffs could hinder efficient communication between nurses. AIMS This study identified the perceptions of nurses' handoffs in Korea. DESIGN A descriptive survey was employed. The(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the usability of six differing electronic nursing record (ENR) systems on the efficiency, proficiency and available functions for documenting nursing care and subsequently compared the results to nurses' perceived satisfaction from a previous study. METHODS The six hospitals had different ENR systems, all with narrative(More)
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