Eun-Jung Lee

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On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) has become a crucial element of decision support systems. Since historical, summarized and consolidated data is used in OLAP, the concept of data cube is often used to provide multidimensional views for such information. Among range-aggregates that are typical operations over the data cube, we in this paper focus on(More)
Norovirus (NV) has caused large outbreaks of gastroenteritis in schools. Studies of NV epidemiology in schools related to NV outbreaks have been frequently reported. However, reports of that in schools without outbreaks are not found. Presently, NV molecular epidemiology surveillance was carried out in asymptomatic food handlers working at nonoutbreak(More)
The cognitive strength of crosstalk in stereoscopic 3-D displays is investigated, and new quantitative analysis methods based on color difference and grayscale levels are developed. Unlike results using existing metrics, results by the new methods agree well with the perceived crosstalk strength in achromatic images with various levels of grayscale. The(More)
We make moving caricatures from videos on human faces. Using training images, we created a 3D model of an average face. This allows us to transform the image in each frame of an input video, so that it is seen from the front. Then we apply 2D exaggeration rules to caricature each face. Finally, we rotate the face in each frame back to its original position.(More)