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OBJECTIVES Although hepatitis B virus (HBV) is endemic to Korea, no large-scale survey of HBV genotypes and serotypes based on sequence analysis has been performed. METHODS In the present study, we genotyped and serotyped HBV strains from 209 patients in two Korean regions, Seoul (107 patients) and Jeju (102 patients), an island off the southeastern(More)
A previously undescribed, slowly growing, scotochromogenic mycobacterium was isolated from a patient with symptomatic pulmonary infection during hsp65 sequence-based identification of Korean clinical isolates. Phenetic characteristics of this strain were generally similar to those of Mycobacterium nebraskense and Mycobacterium scrofulaceum. However, some(More)
In a previous study, we found that the phylogenetic analysis of partial rpoB sequences can be used effectively to phylogenetically differentiate Streptomyces spp. [B.J. Kim, C.J. Kim, J. Chun, Y.H. Koh, S.H. Lee, J.W. Hyun, C.Y. Cha, Y.H. Kook, Phylogenetic analysis of the genera Streptomyces and Kitasatospora based on partial RNA polymerase beta-subunit(More)
Although Korea is a hepatitis B virus (HBV) endemic area, relatively few full-length genome sequences are available. In particular, no comparative analysis has been performed on the full-genome sequences of different HBV quasispecies from a single Korean patient. This report describes the full-length sequences of five HBV clones (two clones with shorter PCR(More)
Here we describe a novel duplex PCR method which can differentiate Mycobacterium tuberculosis and nontuberculosis mycobacteria (NTM) strains by amplifying hsp65 DNAs of different sizes (195 and 515 bp, respectively). The devised technique was applied to 54 reference and 170 clinical isolates and differentiated all strains into their respective groups with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the bioactivity, and the biomechanical and bone-regenerative properties of Ti6Al4V miniscrews subjected to anodization, cyclic precalcification, and heat treatment (APH treatment) and their potential clinical use. METHODS The surfaces of Ti6Al4V alloys were modified by APH treatment. Bioactivity was assessed after immersion in(More)
To evaluate the usefulness of the AvaII PRA method targeting 644-bp hsp65 gene for the direct detection of pathogenic mycobacteria from clinical specimens, we applied this method to 40 sputum samples and compared the results to those obtained by IS 6110 PCR. Although this method showed a sensitivity slightly lower than IS 6110 PCR (97.5% vs. 100%), it(More)
[Purpose] This study investigates the effects of task-oriented activities on hand function, cognitive function, and self-expression of the elderly with dementia, and then identify the influencing factors on self-expression in sub-factors of dependent variables. [Subjects and Methods] Forty elderly persons were divided into two groups: intervention group(More)
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