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Heart sound occurs when the heart contracts and expands. It provides information on myocardial contractility and blood vessels, which is not obtainable from ECG. For this reason, stethoscopy of heart sound in anesthesiology is a very crucial means for acquiring cardiac information and preventing intraoperative medical accidents, and it requires a system for(More)
Photoplethysmography (PPG) offers the clinically meaningful parameters, such as, heart rate, and respiratory rate. In this study, we presented three respiratory signal detection algorithms using photoplethysmography raw data generated from commercial PPG sensor: (1)Min-Max (2)Peak-to-Peak (3)Pulse Shape. As reference signal, nasal sensor signal was acquired(More)
This paper is about a glass-type wireless bio-signal transmitter that can monitor the user's health state in daily life. The device implemented in this study consists of the transmission part and the receiving part. The transmission part includes a photoplethysmography(PPG) sensor for detecting pulse wave signals, accelerometer for detecting kinetic(More)
Threshold switching is a phenomenon where the resistivity of an insulating material changes and the insulator exhibits metallic behavior. This could be explained by phase transformation in oxide materials; however, this behavior is also seen in amorphous insulators. In this study, through an ex-situ experiment using transmission electron microscopy (TEM),(More)
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