Eun-Joo Park

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Most events promoting early melanoma development are yet to be identified, but deregulation of the B-Raf and Akt3 signaling cascades is an important regulator of this process. Approximately 90% of normal moles and approximately 60% of early invasive cutaneous melanomas contain a T1799A B-Raf mutation ((V600E)B-Raf), leading to 10 times higher enzyme(More)
Over 2.2 million Americans suffer from atrial fibrillation making it one of the most common arrhythmias. Cardiac ablation has shown a high rate of success in treating paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. Prevailing modalities for this treatment are catheter based radio-frequency ablation or surgery. However, there is measurable morbidity and significant costs(More)
Prior studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of noninvasive transdermal insulin delivery using a cymbal transducer array. In this study the physiologic response to ultrasound mediated transdermal insulin delivery is compared to that of subcutaneously administered insulin. Anesthetized rats (350-550 g) were divided into four groups of four animals; one(More)
BACKGROUND To prevent complications in diabetes, the proper management of blood glucose levels is essential. Since conventional glucose meters require pricking fingers or other areas of the skin, a noninvasive method for monitoring blood glucose levels is desired. Using a lightweight cymbal transducer array, this study was conducted to noninvasively(More)
We present an algorithm to approximate the variable radius ooset curves by cubic B ezier curves. The ooset curve is approximated by a cubic B ezier curve which interpolates the positions and derivatives of the exact ooset curve at both end points. Thus, it approximates the exact ooset curve very closely near the curve end points, but not necessarily in the(More)
We developed a new instrumental method by which human melanoma cells (LU1205) are sonoporated via radiation pressures exerted by highly-confined ultrasonic waves produced by high lateral-resolution ultrasonic micro-transducer arrays (UMTAs). The method enables cellular-level site-specific sonoporation within the cell monolayer due to UMTAs and can be(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based temperature mapping very close to the surface of an ultrasound transducer is not possible due to the large magnetic susceptibility- induced image artifacts that arise from the materials used in transducer construction. Here, it is shown in phantoms that "susceptibility-compensated" MRI sequences can be used to measure(More)
In this study, major toxicants in pigment wastewaters (i.e. raw wastewater and effluent) were determined by toxicity identification evaluations (TIEs), and changes in their toxicities due to combined gamma-ray (gamma-ray) and ozone treatments were evaluated. From TIE results using Daphnia magna, Cr(VI) and o-toluidine were identified as major toxicants in(More)
BACKGROUND Ultrasound induced hyperthermia is a useful adjuvant to radiation therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer. A uniform thermal dose (43 degrees C for 30 minutes) is required within the targeted cancerous volume for effective therapy. This requires specific ultrasound phased array design and appropriate thermometry method. Inhomogeneous,(More)