Eun Joo Jung

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Loss of dopaminergic cells induced by alpha-synuclein accumulation in substantia nigra causes the development of Parkinson's disease (PD). To date, although autophagy has been implicated in the pathology of PD, the molecular mechanism is still unclear. To study the role of autophagy in PD pathogenesis, we established stable SH-SY5Y cell lines overexpressing(More)
The adenosine triphosphate-based chemotherapy response assay (ATP-CRA) is a chemosensitivity test that offers the potential of selecting cancer treatments based on the responsiveness of individual tumors. We report a case of 47-yr-old male, presented with sigmoid colon cancer with multiple liver and peritoneal metastases, in which there was a complete(More)
Ralstonia solanacearum is the causal agent of bacterial wilt on a wide variety of plants, and enters a viable but nonculturable (VBNC) state under stress conditions in soil and water. Here, we adopted an artificial soil microcosm (ASM) to investigate the VBNC state of R. solanacearum induced by low temperature. The culturability of R. solanacearum strains(More)
Protein tyrosine phosphorylation and dephospho-rylation are an important regulatory reactions in cell physiology. We have cloned a cDNA that encode a cytosolic protein tyrosine phosphatase (CPTP1) from chicken intestine cDNA library. Amino acid sequence identity between the CPTP1 and low molecular weight form of human placenta enzyme (HPTP1B) was 92%. CPTP1(More)
T cells play a pivotal role in the initiation and progression of multiple sclerosis. We have found that 1,4-aryl-2-mercaptoimidazole (KRM-III) inhibited T-cell antigen receptor- and phorbol myristate acetate/ionomycin-induced activation of nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) and T-cell proliferation with an IC(50) of 5 microM. The KRM-III-mediated(More)
A coherent OFDR model that enables to extend the dynamic range is proposed. π/2 phase shifting technique is involved in the proposed system in order to obtain complex interference signal. The obtained complex signal is processed to remove DC and mirror peaks in the frequency domain. The simulated results show the enhancement of dynamic range.
A patient who has multiple lung masses with a history of malignancy in organs other than the lung is more likely to be diagnosed with metastatic rather than primary lung cancer. Rarely, metastatic cancer can coexist with primary. We experienced a case of concurrent diagnosis of primary small cell lung cancer and pulmonary metastasis of uterine malignant(More)
Nerve growth factor (NGF) is known to regulate both cancer cell survival and death signaling, depending on the cellular circumstances, in various cell types. In this study, we showed that NGF strongly upregulated the protein level of tropomyosin-related kinase A (TrkA) in TrkA-inducible SK-N-MC cancer cells, resulting in increases in various TrkA-dependent(More)
BACKGROUND An objective method for determining the location of the cancer with respect to peritoneal reflection would be helpful to decide the treatment modality for rectal cancer. This study was designed to evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of rectal MRI to determine spatial relations between the peritoneal reflection and rectal cancer and to compare(More)
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