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In-network data gathering and data fusion are essential for the efficient operation of wireless sensor networks. While most existing data gathering routing protocols addressed the issue of energy efficiency, few of them, however, have considered the quality of the implied data aggregation process. In this work, an information model for sensed data is first(More)
In this paper, we propose several new distributed algorithms for producing sets of nodes that can be used to form backbones of an ad hoc wireless network. Our focus is on producing small sets that are d-hop connected and d-dominating and have a desirable “d-shortest path property” which we call d-SPR sets. These algorithms produce sets that are considerably(More)
In this paper, we describe and compare several distributed greedy algorithms that produce sets of nodes that can be used to form the backbone of an ad hoc wireless network. The backbone produced is always a d-hop dominating, d-hop connected set and has a desirable “shortest path property”. The perfomance of these algorithms for various parameters are(More)
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