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While a variety of plant hormones from brown algae were described, there were few studies that examined the combined effects of these hormones on morphogenesis and photosynthetic physiology in developing fucoid embryos. We evaluated the effects of phytohormones to determine the extent, to which responses were similar to those of terrestrial plants. Kinetin,(More)
It is now well known that a simple graph C *-algebra C * (E) of a directed graph E is either AF or purely infinite. In this paper, we address the question of whether this is the case for labeled graph C *-algebras recently introduced by Bates and Pask as one of the generalizations of graph C *-algebras, and show that there exists a family of simple unital(More)
Ion current rectification dependent on the concentration gradient of KCl solutions was systematically investigated in polyethyleneimine modified glass nano-pipettes with inner diameter of 105 nm. Peak shape dependence of the rectification factor on outer KCl solution concentration was observed when inner KCl solution with concentration from 1 mM to 500 mM(More)
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