Eun Ji Kang

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Neuroimaging of exogenous tracer extravasation has become the technique of choice in preclinical and clinical studies of blood-brain barrier permeability. Such tracers have a larger molecular weight than small ions, neurotransmitters and many drugs. Therefore, it is assumed that tracer extravasation indicates both permeability to these and the cancelation(More)
There are a number of different experimental methods for ex vivo assessment of blood-brain barrier (BBB) opening based on Evans blue dye extravasation. However, these methods require many different steps to prepare the brain and need special equipment for quantification. We here report a novel, simple, and fast semiquantitative algorithm to assess BBB(More)
While a variety of plant hormones from brown algae were described, there were few studies that examined the combined effects of these hormones on morphogenesis and photosynthetic physiology in developing fucoid embryos. We evaluated the effects of phytohormones to determine the extent, to which responses were similar to those of terrestrial plants. Kinetin,(More)
Ion current rectification dependent on the concentration gradient of KCl solutions was systematically investigated in polyethyleneimine modified glass nano-pipettes with inner diameter of 105 nm. Peak shape dependence of the rectification factor on outer KCl solution concentration was observed when inner KCl solution with concentration from 1 mM to 500 mM(More)
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