Eun-Jeong Ha

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of implementing nutrition intervention using a general nutrition class to promote consumption of fruits and vegetables in college students. DESIGN 3-day food records were collected, verified, and analyzed before and after the intervention. SETTING A midwestern university. PARTICIPANTS 80 college students, ages(More)
BACKGROUND Short-term studies established that calcium influences bone accretion during growth. Whether long-term supplementation influences bone accretion in young adults is not known. OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the long-term effects of calcium supplementation on bone accretion among females from childhood to young adulthood. DESIGN A 4-y(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate current consumption of whole grains in college students and determine whether there would be an increase in whole-grain consumption after the students completed an interactive introductory nutrition course focusing on disease prevention. METHODS Eighty college students, 18-24 years old, participated in the study. Grain and(More)
BACKGROUND During last few decades, soft drink consumption has steadily increased while milk intake has decreased. Excess consumption of soft drinks and low milk intake may pose risks of several diseases such as dental caries, obesity, and osteoporosis. Although beverage consumption habits form during young adulthood, which has a strong impact on beverage(More)
Selenium helps protect against peroxidation during aging as part of the glutathione peroxidase (GPx) antioxidant system. Selenium status, however, is often low in elderly persons who have low selenium intake, live in institutions, and have certain chronic diseases. In addition, a relationship has been observed between the female reproductive hormone,(More)
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