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In this paper, we investigate the impact of a single edge on the capacity region of a network of error-free, point-to-point links. A family of networks and edges is said to exhibit the “edge removal property” if for any network and edge in the family, removing a δ-capacity edge changes the capacity region by at most δ in each(More)
This paper studies independent cascade models where influence propagates from seed-nodes along edges with independent probabilities. Upper-bounds for the expected number of influenced nodes were previously proposed using the spectral norm of a Hazard matrix. However, these bounds turn out loose in many cases, in particular with respect to sensitive edges(More)
In secure multi-party computations (SMC), parties wish to compute a function on their private data without revealing more information about their data than what the function reveals. In this paper, we investigate two Shannon-type questions on this problem. We first consider the traditional one-shot model for SMC which does not assume a probabilistic prior(More)
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