Eun Hwan Roh

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Based on the theory of intuitionistic fuzzy sets, the concepts of intuitionistic fuzzy subalgebras with thresholds (λ, μ) and intuitionistic fuzzy ideals with thresholds (λ, μ) of BCI-algebras are introduced and some properties of them are discussed. Keywords—BCI-algebra, intuitionistic fuzzy set, intuitionistic fuzzy subalgebra with thresholds (λ, μ),(More)
Several authors 1–4 have studied derivations in rings and near rings. Jun and Xin 5 applied the notion of derivation in ring and near-ring theory to BCI-algebras, and as a result they introduced a new concept, called a regular derivation, in BCI-algebras. Zhan and Liu 6 studied f-derivations in BCI-algebras. Alshehri 7 applied the notion of derivations to(More)
As a generalization of an $$({\in,}\,{\in}\,{\vee}\, \hbox{q})$$ -fuzzy filter in a BL-algebra, the notion of an $$({\in,}\,{\in}\,{\vee}\,\hbox{q}_k)$$ -fuzzy filter in a BL-algebra is introduced, and related properties are investigated. Characterizations of an $$({\in,}\,{\in\,\vee}\,\hbox{q}_k)$$ -fuzzy filter are considered. The implication-based fuzzy(More)
The aim of this paper is to lay a foundation for providing a soft algebraic tool in considering many problems that contain uncertainties. In order to provide these soft algebraic structures, the notions of closed intersectional soft BCI-ideals and intersectional soft commutative BCI-ideals are introduced, and related properties are investigated. Conditions(More)
The notions of N-subalgebras and N-closed ideals in BCH-algebras are introduced, and the relation between N-subalgebras and N-closed ideals is considered. Characterizations of Nsubalgebras andN-closed ideals are provided. Using special subsets,N-subalgebras andN-closed ideals are constructed. A condition for anN-subalgebra to be anN-closed ideal is(More)
We define the notion of radical in BCH-algebra and investigate the structure of [X; k], a viewpoint of radical in BCH-algebras. 1. Introduction. In 1966, Imai and Iséki [8] and Iséki [9] introduced two classes of abstract algebras: BCK-algebras and BCI-algebras. It is known that the class of BCK-algebras is a proper subclass of the class of BCI-algebras. In(More)
In [4] B. M. Schein considered systems of the form ( ; o; n),where is a set of functions closed under the composition "o" of functions (and hence ( ; o) is a function semigroup) and the set theoretic subtraction "n" (and hence is a subtraction algebra in the sense of [1]). He proved that every subtraction semigroup is isomorphic to a di erence semigroup of(More)