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MOTIVATION Core sets are necessary to ensure that access to useful alleles or characteristics retained in genebanks is guaranteed. We have successfully developed a computational tool named 'PowerCore' that aims to support the development of core sets by reducing the redundancy of useful alleles and thus enhancing their richness. RESULTS The program, using(More)
In this paper, we studied the effect of subculture of mother-plants and of preculture of shoot tips of two potato varieties (Dejima, cultivated and STN13, wild) cryopreserved using the droplet-vitrification technique. The subculture conditions (light intensity, aeration and planting density) significantly affected survival of both non-cryopreserved and(More)
This study investigated the tolerance to desiccation and freezing of tea seeds, embryonic axes (EAs) and cotyledonary embryonic axes (CEAs, consisting of EAs with portions of cotyledons still attached). No seeds germinated after desiccation and cryopreservation. EAs extracted from seeds desiccated to 18.9% moisture content (fresh weight basis) and(More)
This paper investigates the effect of the origin and size of the explants employed and of the preconditioning (cold acclimation, preculture) and loading treatments on survival and regeneration of cryopreserved garlic shoot apices using vitrification with the PVS3 vitrification solution. Both the origin and size of explants had a significant effect on(More)
The conserved domains of reverse transcriptase (RT) genes of Ty1-copia and Ty3-gypsy groups of long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposons were amplified from mungbean (Vigna radiata) genome using degenerate primers, cloned and sequenced. Among these 34% and 65% of respective clones of copia and gypsy RT sequences possessed stop codons or frame-shifts or(More)
The present study demonstrates utilization of 11 microsatellite markers to explore genetic diversity held in Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt. landrace accessions growing on farms in different parts of Korea and Japan and to assess their genetic relationships. All microsatellite loci were polymorphic and produced a total of 96 alleles ranging from 4 to 20,(More)
Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer, commonly known as Korean or Asian ginseng, is a perennial herb native to Korea and China. Its roots are highly prized for several medicinal properties. The present study describes development and characterization of twenty-two polymorphic microsatellite markers for this species. A total of 99 alleles were detected with an average(More)
This study aimed at developing alternative vitrification solutions, modified either from the original PVS2 vitrification solution by increasing glycerol and sucrose and/or decreasing dimethylsulfoxide and ethylene glycol concentration, or from the original PVS3 vitrification solution by decreasing glycerol and sucrose concentration. The application of these(More)
Changes in moisture content (MC), sucrose and glycerol concentration in garlic shoot tips were monitored during loading and unloading with PVS3 solution. Upon PVS3 treatment, shoot tip MC decreased rapidly and sucrose and glycerol concentrations increased rapidly during the first 30 min. Sucrose and glycerol concentrations increased more slowly thereafter.(More)
Tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) has been reported as a species with recalcitrant seeds. The seeds can be stored for less than one year under high humidity conditions in a refrigerator at 5-7 degrees C. An efficient cryopreservation protocol for tea embryos using embryonic axes with portions of cotyledons still attached as drying material was(More)