Eun Cheol Kim

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Gardner syndrome (GS) is an abnormality of familial adenomatous polyposis accompanied by characteristic jaw lesions. Gardner syndrome intestinal polyps have a 100% risk of undergoing malignant transformation; consequently, early identification and surgical intervention of the disease are important to prolong the life of the patient. We present a case of GS(More)
For genomewide monitoring and identification of biomarkers of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC), we have conducted a systematic characterization of gene expression profiles, using human cDNA microarrays containing 9K clones, in 25 HNSCC cell lines and 1 immortalized human oral keratinocyte cell line. We used normal human oral keratinocytes(More)
Bone homeostasis is maintained through the balanced action of bone-forming osteoblasts and bone-resorbing osteoclasts. Under pathological conditions or with age, excessive bone loss is often observed due to increased bone resorption. Since osteoclasts are the primary cells in the body that can resorb bone, molecular understanding of osteoclast fate has(More)
Cognitive radio networks can be designed to manage the radio spectrum more efficiently by utilizing the spectrum holes in primary user's licensed frequency bands. The currently available unlicensed spectrum is reaching its limit and various demands for applications and data rates in wireless communications requires additional spectrum which imposes limits(More)
In this paper, we propose co-channel interference (CCI) cancellation strategy for cooperative communication systems in wireless communication network. In the proposed strategy, CCI is mitigated by zero forcing (ZF) or minimum mean square error (MMSE) receivers. Moreover, successive interference cancellation (SIC) efficiently. And we analyzed and simulated(More)
In this paper, performance of binary pulse position modulation-time hopping (BPPM-TH) and the binary pulse amplitude modulation-direct sequence (BPAM-DS) ultra wide band (UWB) systems with a double binary turbo code is analyzed and simulated in an indoor wireless channel. The indoor wireless channel is modeled as a modified Saleh and Valenzuela (SV)(More)