Eun Bae Kong

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We describe a new method for identifying the sequences that signal the start of translation, and the boundaries between exons and introns (donor and acceptor sites) in human mRNA. According to the mandatory keyword, ORGANISM, and feature key, CDS, a large set of standard data for each signal site was extracted from the ASCII flat file, gbpri.seq, in the(More)
In order to predict biologically significant attributes such as function from protein sequences, searching against large databases for homologous proteins is a common practice. In particular, BLAST and HMMER are widely used in a variety of biological fields. However, sequencehomologous proteins determined by BLAST and proteins having the same domains(More)
Angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels out of pre-existing capillaries, occurs in a variety of pathophysiological conditions, and is regulated by a balance of angiogenic activators and inhibitors. To identify novel angiogenic factors, we developed a gene screening method by combining the prediction analysis of transcription factor (TF) binding(More)
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