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The recent Web technology has been developed by three mainsprings which include integration, virtualization, and socialization. The Web technology provides the increment of the social networking ability. However it deepens the exposure of privacy about personal information as more complicating and difficult problems. Representatively, it is impossible to(More)
Intraductal ultrasonography (IDUS) is one of the most useful diagnostic tools for various extrahepatic biliary diseases. However, conventional IDUS has some limitations in providing accurate cross-sectional imaging of the bile duct in patients with extensive pneumobilia. Using a balloon-sheathed catheter, the US system (balloon-sheathed IDUS) can overcome(More)
The OSGi provides a service platform which ensures the interoperability between heterogeneous technologies and various devices in home network environment. Nowadays, user access control is one of the core parts which should be cleared, but there are no concrete researches yet. So in this paper, we propose a supplemented authorization policy management(More)
User access control is one of the core parts in the developing Internet field. However, in home network service platform and Web service platform, there is no concrete research yet. Therefore, in this paper, we propose the supplemented authorization policy management framework based on RBAC model in the network environment, especially, OSGi service platform(More)
BACKGROUND The nuclear transcription factor c-Jun is preferentially expressed in basal-cell carcinoma. Dz13 is a deoxyribozyme that targets JUN messenger RNA and has inhibited the growth of a range of tumours in mice. We did a phase 1 study to assess safety and tolerability in human beings. METHODS Adults with nodular basal-cell carcinoma were recruited(More)
A ubiquitous computing environment provides comfortable conditions for anyone to access diverse networks without being concerned about time, place, or device. The Location-Based Service (LBS), for example, provides various convenient services using an individual's location information. However, on the flip side of this convenience, if a user's location(More)
The emergence of global-scale infrastructures for outsourcing data and content to service providers (e.g., cloud computing) creates unprecedented opportunities for data owners to expand their operations and increase their customer base. On the other hand, each data owner (DO) has a certain set of access control policies, which may be different than those of(More)
In this modern-day society, people get information by using a search engine, and this is a very ordinary part of our lives. When users, however, begin to retrieve some information after their login on the portal sites, the data related to the user and the query information may be sent to the portal server to enhance the users' comfort. Here, the information(More)