Eun-Ae Cho

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A ubiquitous computing environment provides comfortable conditions for anyone to access diverse networks without being concerned about time, place, or device. The Location-Based Service (LBS), for example, provides various convenient services using an individual's location information. However, on the flip side of this convenience, if a user's location(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the morphologic features and the relative position of the incisive canal with regard to the maxillary incisor roots using computed tomography (CT). MATERIALS AND METHODS Morphologic evaluation of the incisive canal and its proximity to the maxillary central incisors were measured using CT images of 38 adults with skeletal and dental(More)
Intraductal ultrasonography (IDUS) is one of the most useful diagnostic tools for various extrahepatic biliary diseases. However, conventional IDUS has some limitations in providing accurate cross-sectional imaging of the bile duct in patients with extensive pneumobilia. Using a balloon-sheathed catheter, the US system (balloon-sheathed IDUS) can overcome(More)
Recently, information leakage incidents have occurred due to database security vulnerabilities. The administrators in the traditional database access control methods grant simple permissions to users for accessing database objects. Even 1193 though they tried to apply more strict permissions in recent database systems, it was difficult to properly adopt(More)