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La nueva elegía ovidiana : "epistulae ex exilio"
Ovid, by means of the formal and thematic hibridism, creates, from the point of view of the content, the erotic - conjugal elegy of the exile and, from the formal one, recreates the epistolary
Contaminaciones entre la matrona ideal y la puella elegíaca
This paper aims at identifying and analyzing different loci of Latin Literature in which ideal matrona figure appears: certainly the Greek archetype is found into the homeric Penelope, while the
Deleite y tormento: el amor de Plinio y Calpurnia (Epist. 6.7)
This paper attempts to make progress in the philological commentary on the “Cycle of Calpurnia” (Epist. 6.4 and 7; 7.5) in the letters of Pliny the Younger, focusing, on this occasion, on Epist. 6.7.