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We present an efficient and robust network topology for managing distributed resources in P2P-Grid environments. This topology is called TreeP and exploits both features of P2P and grid computing models. It uses P2P properties in looking for available resources, while using Grid properties to implement communications and computations on a distributed(More)
This work deals with the problem of data cache for dynamic Web servers. A set of requests (which number could be large) is submitted to a server for computing. Every request is modelled by a series-parallel graph of elementary tasks. These tasks are computed and their results are submitted to be stored into a cache. Due to the limitation of the cache(More)
P2P and grid computing are two paradigms more and more used in today computing environments; their potential to provide better quality of service to users is very promising compared to the cost it involves. This paper presents a hierarchical virtual network topology, built on top of the real existing one and which is used to manage distributed resources in(More)
This article presents the performance evaluation of INUKTITUT, an interface that allows effectively and easily carrying of parallel programming highlevel environments such as Athapascan on the computing clusters. INUKTITUT contains functions for multithreading and for communications: the intra-node parallelism of processes is managed by threads(More)
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