Eulanda M. dos Santos

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Automatic nudity detection strategies play an important role in solutions focusing on controlling access to inappropriate content. These strategies usually apply filter or similar approaches in order to detect nudity in digital images. In this paper we propose a strategy for nudity detection based on applying image zoning. Moreover, we perform feature(More)
Machine Learning solutions for concept drift detection problems try to decide to what extent a particular set of examples still represents the current concept rather than treating all data equally. Monitoring the set of relevant features used to generate the classification model may be an effective strategy for concept drift detection. This paper focuses on(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel deep neural network based on learning subspaces and convolutional neural network with applications in image classification. Recently, multistage PCA based filter banks have been successfully adopted in convolutional neural networks architectures in many applications including texture classification, face recognition and(More)
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