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(2003). The Role of Microtubule-Associated Protein 2c in the Reorganization of Microtubules and Lamellipodia during Neurite Initiation. (2002). Myosin VI is required for E-cadherin-mediated border cell migration. Nat Cell Biol 4, 616-620. (2001). Microtubule treadmilling in vitro investigated by fluorescence speckle and confocal microscopy. (2003).(More)
EREBP (ethylene responsive element binding protein) and WRKY (wizz-like transcription factor) are known to play roles in plant tolerance to abiotic stresses, such as low temperatures. Previously, we used cDNA microarrays and Northern blot analysis to determine the mechanisms responsible for those underlying defenses. These analyses led to the identification(More)
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