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Improvement of flap survival represents an ongoing challenge in reconstructive surgery. The angiogenic potential of adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) offers a promising approach to improve the viability of random pattern flaps. Recently, to maximize the therapeutic effects of ASCs, increasing focus is being placed on how to deliver the stem cells to target(More)
PURPOSE Rigid external distraction osteogenesis is regarded as a standard treatment for congenital midfacial hypoplasia. However, external distraction for the upper portion of the midface is not as effective and tends to rotate the midfacial segment in a counterclockwise direction. Moreover, patients poorly tolerate it because of the device's bulkiness. To(More)
BACKGROUND Although double eyelid surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries among Asians, there are few reports to confirm the physiology of eye blinking after such surgeries. This study analyzed eyelid dynamics and supratarsal crease appearance after double eyelid surgery using a high-speed digital camera to provide precise movement detection.(More)
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