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— In synchronous timing recovery approaches often employed in magnetic recording readback channels, the timing error detector (TED) output is assumed to be linearly related to the underlying phase offset. However, the noisy readback signal samples in high-density magnetic recording systems are nonlinearly related to the underlying timing disturbances. Thus,(More)
In this paper, a novel coding with side information at the encoder (CSIE) scheme is developed for two-dimensional magnetic recording (TDMR) channel. The write errors in the TDMR channel are modeled with random Voronoi grains, and the encoder uses the grain states as side information for additive encoding (AE) of the codewords of a low-density parity-check(More)
For flexible vehicle-to-grid (V2G) supports with a large scale electric vehicle (EV) network, a novel charging scheme is proposed in this study with a bidirectional constant-rate charging coordination (BCCC). Clustering EVs and coordinating their charging profiles have significant impact on overall V2G benefits however it is difficult to solve in general(More)
— In space, radiation particles can introduce temporary or permanent errors in memory systems. To protect against potential memory faults, either thick shielding or error correcting codes (ECC) are used. Thick shielding translates into increased mass and conventional ECCs designed for memories are typically capable of only correcting a single error and(More)
  • Euiseok Hwang
  • 2015
In this paper, advanced channel signal processing schemes are proposed for multi-track or multi-wordline read architecture in the future hard disk drive and NAND flash memory systems. As the capacity increases with aggressive scaling of the data bit or memory cell, the interference or coupling between neighboring information causes severe inter-track (ITI)(More)