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We can use information and software of various forms without being restricted for place and time if ubiquitous computing age comes. However, its dysfunction is causing security problems such as outflow of personal information, hacking, diffusion of virus. Specially, dissemination of software that has malicious purpose in ubiquitous computing environment(More)
Most of schema matching focuses on computing direct matches between two schemas. However the direct matching is rare. To make more effective schema matching, the indirect matching must utilize in matching processes. The indirect matching can be computed through the relations between schemas. For the indirect matching, ontology based approaches have studied.(More)
Users are able to use the information and service more free than previous wire network due to development of wireless network and device. For this reason, various studies on ubiquitous networks have been conducted. Various contexts brought in this ubiquitous computing environment, have recognized user¿s action through sensors. This results in the provision(More)
The growth of web has brought convenience for people accessing large amounts of information. Most people depend on the web for obtaining information. Generally, data on the web is updated and deleted by the web server manager, which results in much previous information disappearing from existence regardless of importance. For this reason, a web archive(More)
We discuss a novel framework for policy based scheduling in resource allocation of grid computing. The framework has several features. First, Efficient resource usage management is achieved by assigning usage quotas to intended users. Second, the scheduling strategy can control the request assignment to grid resources by adjusting resource usage accounts or(More)