Eui-Suk Jung

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This paper introduces an implementation example of a digital TV set-top box which has energy-saving capability. This energy-saving set-top box supports four types of power states: active on, active standby, deep-sleep passive standby, and off. Particularly, in the deep-sleep passive standby state, the level of power consumption of the set-top box goes down(More)
In this paper, activation pattern based standby mode scheduling is proposed for reducing power consumption of a set-top box during standby state where a set-top box does not receive broadcast services. The set-top box with the standby mode scheduling finds mainly used time (i.e., when users mainly uses the set-top box) and seldom used time by analyzing(More)
A high-performance gas barrier film has been prepared using a simple oxygen plasma treatment of an organic/inorganic hybrid sol-gel coat on a poly(ether sulfone) substrate. The gas barrier layer formed from the plasma treatment was an inorganic silicon oxide (SiO(x)) having a compositional gradient interface with the sol-gel coat, where the chemical(More)
This paper introduces a system for disaster training and response based on digital signage and augmented reality technologies. The system provides images and sounds for disaster training and response and evaluates whether the system's user of the system follows the display or not. The evaluation works by using image analysis and IoT communications. If the(More)
We successfully demonstrated the 1.25 Gb/s operation of ASE injected RSOA with 50 GHz channel spacing by using the injection current adjustment, the dispersion management and the receiver with decision threshold level control. We could mitigate the RIN degradation caused by post filtering through the injection current adjustments, and also alleviate the(More)