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This study examines whether social activities with parents, online and offline social self-efficacy, and attitudes toward gaming are associated with the degree of game addiction among adolescents. Using data from a survey of 600 middle- and high-school students in South Korea, we tested the relationships of personal characteristics (grade point average and(More)
Many of previous studies showed the effect of psychological variables such as depression and loneliness on game addiction. In addition, the effect of aggression on game addiction has also been studied with its associations with depression and loneliness. However, little research has proved the role of aggression between psychological variables and game(More)
Violent games have increasingly gained their market share in recent video game markets. They have attracted much attention due to their potential effects on users in advertising and aggression. However, little research has investigated such effects considering both user aggression and persuasion mechanism in virtual space. Based on the general aggression(More)