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Dried rhizomes of Coptis species are utilized as “Coptidis Rhizoma” (CR), an important herbal medicinal material in traditional Chinese medicine. Almost all CRs traded in the Korean herbal medicine market originate from Coptis chinensis (“Chun Hwang-Lyun” in Korean medical terminology). Other minor CRs originate from Coptis japonica (“Il Hwang-Lyun”).(More)
Several Artemisia species are used as herbal medicines including the dried aerial parts of Artemisia capillaris, which are used as Artemisiae Capillaris Herba (known as "Injinho" in Korean medicinal terminology and "Yin Chen Hao" in Chinese). In this study, we developed tools for distinguishing between A. capillaris and 11 other Artemisia species that grow(More)
In this study, we identified and evaluated the genetic relationships among Cinnamomum plants, which are used in traditional medicine. We also attempted to monitor the distribution of traditional medicines derived from Cinnamomum cassia by using DNA barcoding and a species-specific DNA marker. Plants of the genus Cinnamomum, and in particular C. cassia, are(More)
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