Eugeny A Drobchenko

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This study was initiated to determine the relationship between the fertilizing potential of spermatozoa and abnormalities in the compact packing of their chromatin which occurs in the final stage of male germ cell differentiation. Chromatin packing involves disulphide bridge covalent cross-linking. The degree of packing was determined from the accessibility(More)
Oxidative (respiratory) burst is an important manifestation of inflammation. Precise quantitative assessment of this reaction by flow cytometry made it possible to record and evaluate the severity of the inflammatory processes in a wide spectrum of diseases including diphtheria, hepatitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, arthritis, vasculitis, postoperative(More)
Today, the investigation of the structure of ordered protein aggregates-amyloid fibrils, the influence of the native structure of the protein and the external conditions on the process of fibrillation-is the subject of intense investigations. The aim of the present work is to study the kinetics of formation of insulin amyloid fibrils at low pH values(More)
Some approach has been described to create hybrid cell lines (human x Chinese hamster) which contain different parts of human genome, and then efficiently to reveal and isolate the human DNA from these. This method involves the introduction of a selective marker in different sites of the human cell genome, by transfecting them with plasmid SV2neo, and the(More)
The process of active dissociation or "DNA clearing" of not covalently binding agents from DNA in living HeLa cells was shown by the flow cytometry technique. The vital fluorescent bisbenzimidazole dye Hoechst 33342, which binds tightly but not covalently to DNA in a minor groove, was used as a basic model to study the interaction of not covalently binding(More)
Studies of birth rate, natural increment and death rate dynamics of Aral region population helped to set major tendencies in demographic processes for dwellers in ecologic disaster area. Morbidity parameters were evaluated via ICD-10 classes with distribution in age and sex, that helped to identify leading classes of diseases in the population of Kyzylorda(More)
The authors discuss various aspects of a recently developed method permitting a detailed flow cytometric analysis of the individual cell karyotypes such as instrumentation, histochemistry, data proceeding algorithms. Possible drawbacks of the method and the ways of their overcoming are considered. Results of analysis of the Chinese hamster cells are(More)
The process of active dissociation of noncovalently bound agents from DNA or "DNA clearing" in the living cells was described elsewhere. The vital fluorescent bisbenzimidazole dye Hoechst 33342 (4342), which binds tightly but not covalently to DNA in the minor groove, was used for studying interactions of agents noncovalently binding with DNA. The "DNA(More)
On the basis of the previously described method for estimating the state of the human spermatozoan nuclear chromatin by flow cytometry, we developed a modified system of calculation and presentation of our data. We propose a criterion that allows to classify samples of seminal material according to their fertility potential that could be used for male(More)