Eugenio de Diego

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The objective of the present study was to investigate the influence of headache-related disability on the recognition and management of migraine by French general practitioners (GPs). Forty-nine teaching GPs at the Faculty of Medicine in the Nice-Sophia-Antipolis University were involved in this study. On one day, each patient who presented during the(More)
Herein we report investigations into the p38alpha MAP kinase activity of trisubstituted imidazoles that led to the identification of compounds possessing highly potent in vivo activity. The SAR of a novel series of imidazopyridines is demonstrated as well, resulting in compounds possessing cellular potency and enhanced in vivo activity in the rat(More)
Antisperm antibodies were studied in 44 patients with less than 14 years of age, with unilateral testicle torsion and other testicular pathologies with vascular and inflammatory processes. The clinical and evolution of testicular size after one year of initial evaluation were obtained. Four cases had positive antisperm antibodies: One testicular torsion,(More)
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