Eugenio Stabile

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INTRODUCTION Nutraceuticals (NUT) are forms of compounds with biological activity commonly used to improve health in dosage largely exceeding those obtainable in food. AIM We compared, in a double blind randomized cross-over trial, the effects of two NUT combinations on the control of glico-lipidic metabolism in patients with hypercholesterolemia not on(More)
BACKGROUND Adenosine-free coronary pressure wire metrics have been proposed to test the functional significance of coronary artery lesions, but it is unexplored whether their diagnostic performance might be altered in patients with diabetes. METHODS We performed a post-hoc analysis of the CONTRAST study, which prospectively enrolled an international(More)
BACKGROUND Carotid endarterectomy (CEA) or stenting (CAS) are associated with a relatively low rate of clinical events, but diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) is increasingly being used to compare the incidence of new ischemic lesions. Therefore, we conducted an updated meta-analysis on the occurrence of post-procedural new DWI lesions after CAS versus CEA.(More)
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