Eugenio Santos

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The production of Broadcast content generates large files of video and audio content which must be transmitted among different production centers. The contribution of this material in certain circumstances is carried out on satellite links which usually have a relatively high error probability. In addition, the image suffers degradation in the processes of(More)
In the area of Software Engineering, traceability is defined as the capability to track requirements, their evolution and transformation in different components related to engineering process, as well as the management of the relationships between those components. However the current state of the art in traceability does not keep in mind many of the(More)
In this work, we propose a variant of P system based on the rewriting of string-objects by means of evolutionary rules. The membrane structure of such a P system seems to be a very natural tool for simulating the filters in accepting networks of evolutionary processors with filtered connections. We discuss an informal construction supporting this(More)
IJ ITA is official publisher of the scientific papers of the members of the Association of Developers and Users of Intellectualized Systems (ADUIS) and the Association for Development of the Information Society (ADIS) IJ ITK rules for preparing the manuscripts are compulsory. The rules for the papers for IJ ITK as well as the subscription fees are given on(More)
The need to create a standard which unifies data transfer between producing companies and broadcasters of live programs will be discussed in the article, as well as examples of services which may be implemented, and the contribution of all parties involved in the processes for carrying out that standard. In this work, a study is conducted on added services(More)
We have given tight bounds, up to constant factors, for c r , both in the de-terministic and the randomized cases. It would be interesting to give better bounds for c G in terms of other parameters of the graph G. Given G, what is the computational complexity of determining c G ? Our randomized upper bounds use shared coins. Can the same bounds be achieved(More)
It would be interesting to quantify what are the performance beneets of programming with hybrid consistency. Speciically, are algorithms for solving a speciic problem that rely on hybrid consistency faster than algorithms for solving the same problem that rely on other consistency conditions? If so, how much? These questions can be answered either by(More)
The organization and structure of the motion picture industry has three major divisions: production, distribution, and exhibition or diffusion. The distribution are made at least with two soundtracks: “original” and “natural” the first soundtrack carry the audio dialogs while the second carry the rest of the audio, both are mixed(More)