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BACKGROUND Personal experience in the treatment of seven pancreatic pseudocysts (four infected and one causing a high intestinal occlusion due to compression on the duodenum) is reported. METHODS In these emergency situations, which are very risky with the traditional surgical treatments, the percutaneous needle-aspiration with needle of Ciba 22 gauge(More)
The authors report two cases of bezoars. The first was a large gastric bezoar in a patient who had undergone Billroth II gastroresection 40 years earlier. The second was a bezoar located in the distal part of the sigmoid colon accompanied by acute diverticular disease. Both bezoars were removed using endoscopic techniques. The method of exeresis is(More)
The authors report a clinical case of the gallbladder carcinoid tumour treated with laparoscopic cholecystectomy. After a short analysis of the classification, the malignant potentiality and the symptoms of gallbladder carcinoids, they conclude that it is possible to treat carcinoids with laparoscopic cholecystectomy, but only in some selected cases, that(More)
Le but de ce travail est de vérifier si la gastrectomie selon Billroth I (BI) est susceptible de protéger la muqueuse du moignon gastrique contre le développement d'une gastrite atrophique, de métaplasie intestinale et de dysplasie, lésions susceptibles d'évoluer vers le cancer. L'étude porte sur 84 patients soumis à une gastrectomie de type BI pour ulcère(More)
The authors report two cases of gastric leiomyoblastoma, one benign and one malignant, come to clinical observation for digestive hemorrhage; in both cases a preoperating diagnosis of benignity or malignity was made and in one case even of histotype, thanks to fine needle biopsy. After a short introduction regarding some historical notes, the predictive(More)
In 10,700 upper gastrointestinal endoscopies performed between 1990 and 1995; one case of gastric haemangioma was observed. The rarity of this tumour, which represents 0.05% of all the digestive neoplasms is underlined and its features and clinical history are reported. This case and the other four reported in Italy during the last fifteen years are(More)
This paper describes a fully automatic 3D anisotropic mesh generation method for domains of arbitrary shape. The spacing of the boundary mesh is computed by the analysis of the principal curvatures and directions of the boundary surfaces. The spacing in the domain is obtained by interpolation of the spacing at the boundaries on a suitably constructed(More)
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