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TASS - Workshop on Sentiment Analysis at SEPLN
TASS, an experimental evaluation workshop within SEPLN, is described to foster the research in the field of sentiment analysis in social media, specifically focused on Spanish language to promote the application of existing state-of-the-art algorithms and techniques.
Random Walk Weighting over SentiWordNet for Sentiment Polarity Detection on Twitter
A novel approach in Sentiment Polarity Detection on Twitter posts is presented, by extracting a vector of weighted nodes from the graph of WordNet, which is used on SentiWordNet to compute a final estimation of the polarity.
TASS 2014 - The Challenge of Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
The third issue of TASS is described, in which four tasks have been proposed, related to sentiment analysis at entity level, and they are circumscribed on the Social TV phenomenon.
Overview of TASS 2019: One More Further for the Global Spanish Sentiment Analysis Corpus
This paper summarizes the approaches and the results of the submitted systems of the different groups for each task in the TASS workshop, and proposes a new approach to sentiment analysis at tweet level.
Sentiment analysis in Twitter
This paper aims to represent a starting point for those investigations concerned with the latest references to Twitter in SA, and suggests a profound revision of the state of the art is first necessary.
Overview of TASS 2018: Opinions, Health and Emotions
This work has been partially supported by a grant from the Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER), the projects REDES (TIN2015-65136-C2-1-R, TIN2015-65136-C2-2-R) and SMART-DASCI
TASS 2015 - The Evolution of the Spanish Opinion Mining Systems
La cuarta edicion of TASS is described, resumiendo las principales aportaciones de los sistemas presentados, analizando los resultados y mostrando the evolucion of los mismos.